10 Cannabis Products for Pain Relief

We should rephrase the title to “10 cannabis products that might be good for pain”. But that sounds a bit ominous, what with the word “might” in there. This is partly because we don’t know for certain whether or not these cannabis-based products will work for pain. Some people might find relief from one or more of these products, some people might not. Unfortunately, for the moment, much of finding what works for you is down to trial-and-error and going slow-and-low when starting off.

So, what criteria can we use to judge whether or not these cannabis products are any good for pain? Of course, one of the first things that come to mind is lab testing for efficacy, as well as safety (heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides, pathogens) and cannabinoid and terpenoid concentrations wherever possible. Other criteria we can use include user & patient reviews/testimonials, awards and seeing how honest the company is with regards to the labeling and methodology they use to make their product.

“But why would I want medical marijuana when I have strong painkillers I’ve been prescribed by a doctor?” Well, as anyone who’s used painkillers post-operation and/or for an increasingly painful chronic condition will tell you, opioids bring with them their own pain. There’s not only addiction, but also drastic sleep and hunger disturbances (you’re not healing if you’re not eating & sleeping), as well as itchiness, cold sweats, emotional numbness and lots more besides. Opioids may reduce the average US Citizen’s life expectancy by up to 2.5 months. (The official study can be read on the JAMA Network.) If you’re wondering how medical marijuana can potentially help with your pain, take a look at our recent article here.

Aunt Zelda’s

Is there one product from Aunt Zelda’s that’s particularly good? Probably. However, it’s their service that’s second-to-none. Not only do Aunt Zelda’s repeatedly lab-test all their products, they actually talk to you, your caregiver, and your physician in order to determine which of their products is best for you. This tailor-made, batch-testing approach is exactly what the medical marijuana community needs right now for cannabis to increasingly be seen as a medicine. Plus, Aunt Zelda’s prices are very competitive, and cheaper than many, more expensive products that haven’t been as thoroughly tested.

Jayden’s Juice

Jayden’s Juice is a high-CBD tincture, with a CBD:THC ratio of approximately 28:1, although some bottles may list the ratio as 31:1. The cannabinoids are suspended in MCT (medium chain fatty acid). Jayden’s Juice was developed by Jason David for his son, Jayden, who suffers from epilepsy, although people suffering from cancer, autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases have also found relief from pain using Jayden’s Juice. Plus, due to the high amounts of CBD and comparatively low amounts of THC, Jayden’s Juice will not likely produce a psychoactive effect.

Care By Design

Care By Design offers a range of products, including vape cartridges, sublingual drops, sublingual sprays, softgel capsules, extracts and dark chocolates. Some of Care By Designs products have won awards, perhaps the most notable mainstream one being the High Times 2017 SoCal Cup for their 1:1 THC:CBD softgel capsules. All of Care By Designs are CBD-rich, so don’t expect THC-heavy formulas. They also show us how they make it on their website, which is a good thing in our books.


She Don’t Know

We have lots of CBD-rich products on this list already, so it’s nice to have a product that looks at THC as well. After all, THC can help relieve pain, too! She Don’t Know makes low-dose THC-laced cookies, and as far as we know they batch-test their cookies to ensure that they don’t go above 5 mg of THC per cookie. It’s good to know that some edibles companies take the concept of microdosing seriously!

Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm

Papa & Barkley have a lineup of several decent products, but like many other companies we are sure they have difficulty keeping consistent cannabinoid and terpenoid levels. We are particularly sympathetic to terpene and terpenoid inaccuracies, as there’s almost no test that picks up on them all, and they are also notoriously unstable and prone to changing once extracted and exposed to heat, light, air and pressure. One of Papa & Barkley’s most popular products is the Releaf Balm, which is available in a THC:CBD ratio of both 1:3 and 3:1. Both can potentially be used to relieve chronic pain and inflammation by applying it to skin (don’t consume it orally, please!) – it’s just a matter of finding which one works best for you. These sorts of balms can be used for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, as well as arthritis.


Lord Jones

Lord Jones makes body lotions and edibles that are infused with THC and CBD, focusing mostly on CBD-rich formulas. Their products are clearly marketed towards a high-end market away from the big, brash, colorful products laden with cannabis leaf logos usually targeted towards the more “traditional”, “stereotypical” cannabis users. Their motto is “For Your Royal Highness”, after all, which makes for a great pun as well! All of Lord Jones’ products are lab-tested for potency and consistency, as far as we know.

IncrEdibles by Medically Correct


IncrEdible Wellness

IncrEdibles makes several types of cannabis-infused edible products, but their most well-known ones are their prize-winning handcrafted chocolates and candies. They have a few testimonials on their site, and they tell us that they test their products, apparently exceeding state minimum expectations. Their products can be found in many dispensaries as well, and they’re planning to expand, which is good if you’re looking to try something high-quality and readily-available.



CannaKids makes various THC- and CBD- infused tinctures. They even have a list of trustworthy doctors and dispensaries on their website, and their products are developed by people with PhDs in organic chemistry. As their products are made to be suitable for ingestion by children suffering from some rather nasty conditions, we expect them to follow the highest of safety protocols.

Cannabis Science Transdermal Patch

This transdermal patch by Cannabis Science was made to help beat those suffering from fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, nerve pain, and chronic back pain. The advantage of a transdermal patch is that it provides a controlled release of medicine, and unlike topicals it penetrates all the layers of skin and enters the bloodstream. The main cannabinoid used in these transdermal patches seems to be CBD, but we are sure that there’s more to this transdermal patch than meets the eye!

Daydreamers Chocolate

The leading brand of cannabis-infused chocolate in California. It is also apparently tested for consistency and strength as well. We don’t know how well they’re tested, scientifically-speaking, but there must be a good reason why their bars are trusted by so many, right? (Let’s hope it’s not all just clever marketing.) Also a 2 times 1st Place High Times Cup Winner in the CBD category for their CBD chocolate bar. There are a variety of strengths to choose from, so if you want high strength in small doses, Daydreamers might be worth looking out for.

If you know of any high-quality, well-tested cannabis-infused products that work for your pain, please tell us about it. We cannot really “recommend” very much, but we do advise speaking to people like the team at Aunt Zelda’s if you want to get an accurate picture of what might work best for you. A little medical marijuana knowledge can work wonders in finding the best products, and will also help train your eyes to be a little more discerning and on the lookout for quality. You’ll not only have fewer negative experiences, but it’s likely you’ll save some money this way, too.

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