New Year New Products: Best Cannabis Products of 2021

Allan MacDonell
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Jan 04 2021 - 6 min read

The year 2021 holds many mysteries of what’s to come, in politics, in global health, in Taylor Swift’s ever-expanding canon of self-exploration. New weed products to look forward to in 2021, however, can be predicted with certainty and delight.

The upcoming twelve months will seem much less daunting if viewed as an opportunity to find the best new cannabis product for you. If this prospect fails to imbue you, dear medical cannabis user, with a flush of optimism and high expectation, perhaps the problem is with the word product.

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The medical cannabis industry is not always known for its poetry. Press releases from adult use and medical marijuana producers extol the expanded benefits of new weed products. Industry promo sheets from leaders in the new green economy announce advances in marijuana products, improvements in cannabis products, innovations in pot products.

To the adult use and medical cannabis consumer who benefits from the therapeutic properties of medical weed’s full entourage of cannabinoids and terpenes, these widgets being marketed as product are experienced as the most important ameliorative wonders of the 21st century.

In that light, the time has come to look deeper into 2021 and find the best new life enhancing cannabis products for you.

Blue Mini-GRAV Labs glass Sherlock pipe
Blue Mini Sherlock pipe from GRAV Labs. High quality and affordable.

What will the medical marijuana products of 2021 look like?

To visualize highlights in the coming year of stylish weed accouterments, it helps to visit speculative futures as seen from the past. Can you picture the cocktail shakers at George Jetson’s home bar? Can you wrap your mind around the conception of R2D2 mating with a set of Jetson’s space age barware and spawning a collection of time defying, science-based implements designed for combustion and inhalation of marijuana flower and concentrates? Maybe? Maybe not.

Either way, medical cannabis consumer, consider yourself primed to preview a selection of cannabis pipes from 2021 voted most likely to show up as cutting edge, state of the moment medical marijuana accessories in a revival of Futurama.

Dr Dabber Switch Induction Powered E-Rig Vaporizer

On the expensive end of 2021’s cannabis delivery systems, the Dr. Dabber Switch is a $399.95 (free shipping) induction powered e-rig vaporizer. Looking like an alchemist’s tool for extracting happiness and relief out of thin air, the Dr. Dabber Switch can be operated at one of 25 calibrated heat settings. Advanced induction heat technology uses induction cups to direct the convection process so heat moves directly through the flower or concentrate. No contact with a heated surface translates to integrity and flavor.

Dr. Dabber's Switch e-rig vaporizer.
Dr. Dabber SWITCH Vaporizer. Useful for vaping both flower and extract.

Otto Automatic Cone Filler and Grinder

The Otto Automatic Cone Filler and Grinder by Banana Bros. is the perfect $199.00 utility gadget for a tech snob with a concurrent interest in converting quantities of dry flower into perfectly calibrated, precisely balanced cones. Based on a proprietary Artificial Intelligence grinding and filling system, the Otto Automatic will pack 20 to 30 cones per charge. Plus, wherever you set the unit, it will double as a piece of electronic sculpture. Some people may prefer the hands-on feel of rolling their own, but devices like these can save on time and the amount of cannabis used.

The OTTO automatic cannabis grinder and cone filler.
The OTTO Automatic Cone Filler by Banana Bros.

The Genius Pipe

The Genius Pipe is a bright idea smartly realized at a price of $99.95. Keeping with the theme of this section, the Genius Pipe is being touted as “the future of smoking.” Cannabis smoking’s future, 2021 style, features a three piece construction of metal ridges joined by four strong corner magnets that allows for smoke diffusion to create “extremely cool hits.” It’s almost like having a portable water bong, but without the need for water and a huge piece of glassware! Also extremely cool is the ready separation of the three pieces for easy cleaning and maintenance and the fact the Genius pipe looks like a handheld remote for adjusting the brightness and intensity of every screen within your mind.

The Genius Pipe in its three separate components
What the Genius Pipe looks like when it’s taken apart into its 3 separate components. From Genius Pipe.

There are also some decent, robust, classically-designed pipes on the market like Grav Labs’ Sherlock and the Prometheus Pipe.

PYPTEK Pocket Pipe in various colors
The PYPTEK Pocket Pipe. Simple, functional and robust.

Diamond Glass Classic Beaker Bong

The Diamond Glass 8” Classic Beaker Bong is a retro laboratory proven water pipe available at the old fashioned price of $55.40. Equal parts attractive and functional in a glad scientist workshop way, the Diamond Glass Classic Beaker Bong is equipped with ice pinch, fumed bowl with handle and removable down stem. Go into 2021 sharing the Diamond Glass Beaker Bong with Granddad, and he’ll marvel to tell you that the future of cannabis products has come true just the way he saw it would be way back in the 1990s.

8" Diamond Glass Beaker Bong
8″ Diamond Glass Beaker Bong. A classic design that will likely stay strong in 2021 and beyond!

Hat Tip to Smoke Cartel

New weed products to look forward to in 2021

If you fit the dominant profile of a medical cannabis user, your investigation of upcoming innovations in weed products is dominated by the search for the highest THC content at the lowest price. The good news, according to TRYM, a software provider for marijuana businesses, is that you the medical cannabis consumer may well find a stronger THC bang for your legal cannabis buck in 2021 than during any previous year in the history of marijuana consumption.

TRYM bases its legal cannabis trend forecasts on “regular first hand conversations with a diverse range of operators in the cannabis industry.” Word on the highways is that legal cannabis growers and breeders are choosing cultivars to satisfy prevalent consumer demand among the legal marijuana community for the highest level of THC content available at the lowest expenditure of dollars.

Preferences for tastes, bouquets and terpene combinations will change. The key to healthy market share in the legal cannabis market will remain: high potency, low price point. We also expect to see terpenes and flavonoids take center stage over the coming year, as scientists and cannabis enthusiasts find new combinations and discover what effects they have beyond cannabinoids.

Watch for it. You’ll find it in 2021.

Cannabis pipe
Classic cannabis spoon pipe. By SharonMcCutcheon. From Pixabay. Spoon pipes are widely available, practical and reasonably priced. They will likely stay popular well into 2021!

What new marijuana products will be available in 2021?

BDS Analytics is a market research firm working within the global cannabis industry employing retail sales tracking, consumer insights and industry intelligence. BDSA has a few keywords for 2021 trends in medical marijuana products, most notable: edibles.

Although the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently prohibits the interstate commerce of CBD-infused foods and supplements, and the FDA has in effect dragged its regulatory feet citing “a lack of reported data,” bipartisan Congressional suggestions are pressuring the FDA to allow CBD as a food and supplement additive nationwide.

The analysts at BDS Analytics predict 2021, maybe 2022, will be the year of FDA approval for CBD. If the research firm is calling the circumstances correctly, expect an explosion in new and nationally branded CBD strong  “sublingual tablets, dissolvable slips/strips, water-soluble powder beverages, inhalers, nasal sprays, and suppositories.”

In short, 2021 edibles (make that ingestibles) are predicted to achieve snout to tail saturation.

Microdosing; cannabis events; cannabis edibles; marijuana edibles
Sava Salons – a picture of lots of lovely edibles.

What could be the best marijuana product of 2021?

What if there was a THC molecule, but better? Imagine 2021 as a world gifted with a whole new variant of weed’s most powerful psychoactive element. What you are imagining is the reality of Delta-8-THC.

Regular Delta-9-THC is cool, except for occasional objections to intermittent side effects of paranoia and anxiety and even vertigo and migraine. Delta-8-THC is an analogue of Delta-9-THC that brings to 2021 the promise of a milder, gentler therapeutic marijuana experience.

The difference, according to Discover magazine, “comes down to the location of a specific bond between two of the atoms that make up each THC molecule.”

What difference can two atoms make? Take it from Harvard Medical School primary care physician Peter Grinspoon, a medical marijuana specialist: “People report [Delta-8] as being less anxiety-provoking, less sedating and a little more clear-headed than THC.”

Yes, before you ask, Delta-9-THC deserves further exploration. Look for that exploration here on Leafwell, coming to you in early 2021.

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Allan MacDonell
Allan MacDonell

Contributing commentator Allan MacDonell’s work has been featured in publications ranging from Dazed and Confused UK to the New York Times and Washington Post. He is the author of Prisoner of X, Punk Elegies and Now That I Am Gone, and was a founding editorial director at online outlets including Buzznet, TakePart and Kindland. MacDonell views teaming with Leafwell as an opportunity to encourage the emerging role of legal cannabis as a highly effective medical treatment.

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