Music and Medicine with Curtis and Vanessa Young

Curtis Young is a music artist, producer, CEO of Young Enterprises and
founder Music and Medicine. He is stepping out of the shadow of his
father, Dr. Dre’s footsteps by paving his own lane. Vanessa Young is
Curtis Young’s spouse, co-founder of Music & Medicine and a licensed
Speech-Language Pathologist and former adjunct professor. They are both
using their platform to bring awareness to healing benefits comprised in
alternative medicine through music and artistic expression. We here at Leafwell feel, like so many others, that medical marijuana could be of immense use for therapeutic purposes. Here is more from Curtis and Vanessa Young in their own words….

Tell us about any new projects you’re working on …

Vanessa: Originally when we spoke to Frank and his wife, we had mentioned that we were embarking on the music and medicine movement, and they were really excited to extend an invitation to welcome us onto ETC to share more about music and medicine.

Curtis: Projects in the works include our Music and Medicine tours that
bring awareness of benefits of alternative medicine through music and
artistic expression.. I am also working on my album ‘Product of My DNA’
with a projected release in 2018… I have also partnered with Indigital
Studios in Hollywood, CA. and the OC Hit Factory as head producer of their
Urban Divisions.

Could you tell us more about music and medicine?

Vanessa: The purpose of music and medicine is to bring awareness to the healing properties comprised in alternative medicine through music and artistic expression. Curtis and I have joined forces and put our professions together. Given Curtis’s his background and expertise in music, he has utilized his platform as an influencer for music and medicine

We have become a liaison that facilitates a bridge between the alternative medicine community and its patients living with chronic illnesses, ailments, and diseases worldwide. With my clinical background and treating patients of all ages and advocating the use of alternative medicine coupled with music, we have seen how it has drastically enhanced their rate of recovery.

Could you tell me about what you’ve found in that area so far, then? The relationship between music and healing?

Vanessa: From a clinical perspective, I started treating patients and helping them regain their ability to swallow foods and liquids safely, communicate their wants and needs effectively, and repair their cognitive state of mind. When I started implementing music within these therapeutic sessions, I witnessed a notable increase in their rate of recovery.

The laws had not changed at that time here in California as far as implementing alternative medicine, specifically cannabinoids. And so, at that point in time, I started advocating with the administration to implement medical marijuana. They were using Megace (Megestrol) at that time as an appetite stimulant, so I had recommended alternative medications in the form of synthetic cannabinoids. As research started to surface in support of healing properties comprised in alternative medicine, I began sharing information about the benefits with patients and administers within my clinical settings.

During this time, Curtis was working on his music project, and we embarked on a tour, where we visited dispensaries that were owned by medically-orientated professionals. We interviewed patients at these dispensaries and captured their personal testimonies, and learned what form of alternative medicine was working best for them.

We noticed there was a need to bring awareness to people and patients seeking alternative medicine as an option.

Patients were open to implementing both cannabis and music to contribute to the healing process. The combination of the two [cannabis and music] helped aide with pain relief, and healing their particular ailments or diseases which is why it was important to share this information globally.

Did you notice drastic differences in those who combined cannabinoid and music therapy?

Vanessa: Yes, absolutely. There is research to support how music is beneficial to the healing process. There’s also clinical research supporting cannabis’s healing properties. Cannabis is extremely beneficial in helping aide patients with various ailments.




So I assume you both use cannabis, then?

Curtis: Yes, we do.

Do you find cannabis beneficial when creating music?

Curtis: Cannabis is used as needed to combat anxiety which helps me focus on creating music.

Could you tell us about your creative process, then?

Curtis: I think what inspires me to write, is that it’s like an “escape” for me. How I can put words together, lyrically, and to put a message across with those words to touch the lives of others with a positive message and a different outlook on life.

Are you involved with any of the other elements of hip-hop?

Curtis: I also produce. I also love mixing. I enjoy working with artists and providing a platform for them. I enjoy publishing as well and providing different outlets and platforms for artists.

It’s like music therapy for me. I think music and medicine combines both worlds, and it takes it to a whole other level, as far as healing goes, because music and medicine is beneficial the healing process.

For a lot of people, hip-hop is therapeutic, as it allows for a lot of different avenues for creativity (graffiti art, b-boying, production, fashion, DJing etc.). Did you feel the same way?

Curtis: As far as the creativity … Just building things up and taking something from scratch and turning it into a hit record. There is a skill set behind it all. It takes a lot of focus and “tuning in” as to what your message should be, as well as the “feeling” of the record. You put a lot of feeling into it. I look at a track as a “skeleton”, and you build the body and give it a heart.

This seems like a nice point to end the interview, especially as we started to jump all over the place and started having a conversation around various other things – including how unprepared we all were for the interview! In fact, 

It was great speaking to Curtis and Vanessa, and it’s always nice when you get a chance to speak to people who have the ambition and drive to do their own thing in the marijuana industry.


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