Top 5 Cannabis Beauty and Wellness Products

Coming up with a top 5 medical marijuana beauty products is actually quite the difficult task, especially as there’s a lack of research giving us a definitive guide for the moment. To add to this, everyone’s body and needs are different, meaning that what might work for one person might not work for another. This makes giving a truly objective view hard to do for the moment, and we all know that the beauty industry likes to make rather tall claims based on very small sample pools! Hopefully, some of these cannabis products will work best for whatever ails you, and maybe even be more useful than your everyday beauty and wellness products!

1) That Glass Jar

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Bo co-created That Glass Jar with Michele Bell in order to help save her friend, Princess Inge Hazebrook from a MRSA infection that threatened her life. Princess Inge went from painful surgeries, the possibility of breast amputation and taking the immensely strong antibiotic Vancomycin, where side-effects can include hearing loss, kidney damage and possibly severe localized pain.

This post might be about beauty and wellness products, but it’s clear that this topical is more than just a generic beauty product; and if it can help fight MRSA, That Glass Jar can definitely be classed as a wellness product! Though we can’t make any medical claims, the results and testimonials so far seem to show that this jar of topical cream is certainly worth looking at in more detail. At the moment, people use That Glass Jar for arthritis and skin conditions like psoriasis. People report skin conditions clearing up within days or weeks, from rashes to serious scabbing.

So, what makes That Glass Jar so special. First and foremost, it’s what Bo told us directly: the terpenoid pinene. Many cannabis strains contain both alpha- and beta- pinene, both of which have significant antimicrobial properties. Pinene is actually one of the most abundant terpenes in nature, and both isomers of pinene are found in pine resin, camphorweed and big sagebrush. Combined with high-quality coconut oil (which may have antibacterial properties of its own) and the anti-inflammatory cannabidiol (CBD), and we have a very interesting product on our hands! Moreover, it will not have any psychoactive effects.

2) Apothecanna

Apothecanna have created five cannabis-infused body creams (or “body creme” in beauty industry parlance), all meant for different purposes. There’s “Extra Strength”, which fuses cannabis together with arnica, juniper and peppermint, helping soothe aches, pains and soreness. “Calming”, which includes lavender, chamomile and frankincense alongside the cannabis. “Circulating”, combining cannabis with ginger, capsaicin and grapefruit (which makes it potentially great for cannabis hyperemesis syndrome and nausea as well). “Everyday”, a body cream that mixes cannabis together with mandarin, geranium and cedar, and is meant for daily application to rejuvenate skin. Last and by no means least, there’s “Sexy Time”, a sensual mingling of jasmine, coconut and argan.

All of these body creams are meant to be applied to the skin, and probably best massaged onto the skin by others in some cases! As such, they won’t have any psychoactive effect. Although there’s no large sample size to determine the effects with any major accuracy, the fact that the label tells you everything that’s in the product and that none of the creams contain synthetic or GMO ingredients, artificial colors and fragrances, petroleum, or mineral oils makes Apothecanna a good bet to try out.

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So, why do Apothecanna’s creams work? Well, other than the cannabinoids and terpenoids from the cannabis, there’s all the other oils, fruits, herbs and spices working together to create the desired effects. Ingredients like chamomile have anxiolytic and antidepressant qualities, whilst cedar leaf oil may be a broad-spectrum, eco-friendly antimicrobial!

Jasmine may well be an aphrodisiac, although the study here shows that males seem to react most positively to a mixture of lavender and pumpkin pie! Doughnuts and black licorice also fair well! Though this study focuses on males, we can imagine many women reacting positively to the smell of sweet baked or fried goods and flowers! This makes sense: “cozy” smells are alluring for many people, thanks to the memories and associations they can conjure.

Apothecanna also make a rather interesting cherry balm with 20 mg of CBD for skin irritation.

3) Vida Cannabis-Infused Soaps

Vida have a range of canna-infused soaps, usually with around 100 mg of THC, and made in mind for those suffering from insomnia, stress, pain and arthritis .There are several different scents, including “High Seas”, “Forbidden Fruit” and “Lemon Tree”. All the ingredients are natural and of super-high quality, meaning it won’t necessarily dry your skin out as the more generic alkaline soaps you’d find in the supermarket. The idea of making a simple daily washing routine into something that can help ease pain and stress and induce relaxation is a simple but effective one.

So, other than the great soaps, what else is so great about Vida? Well, they make great bath bombs, too, but more than that, they publish their science and research, too! It’s clear CEO greg Wilson, Vida’s cannabinoid pharmacology expert Pritesh Kumar, PhD, and Head Master Cultivator Stephen Schroeder take their work seriously! We are all the more thankful for it, too, as wellness-focussed, science-backed beauty products that actually work are few and far between.

4) CBD For Life – Pure CBD Face and Body Cleanser

CBD for Life was started by Beth Savola, who infused CBD with essential oils to help create a rub to manage chronic back aches and pains caused by scoliosis of the spine. Beth felt immediate relief from the rub she created, and would go on to create a range of health and beauty products, including a lemongrass balm for pain, an eye serum and a foot cream, amongst other things. We’re picking the face and body cleanser as it’s reasonably-priced and has an everyday use, although we can imagine the foot cream being useful for those who love hiking and other outdoor pursuits.

Although the CBD used for these products comes from industrial hemp, CBD for Life products aren’t meant to be ingested, so this shouldn’t pose too much of a concern for most people. This also means that CBD for Life products are likely to be found in spaces and places that aren’t medical marijuana dispensaries, like spas and high-quality beauty boutiques. Though you can order CBD for Life products online, you can see their range of creams, balms and sprays in stores all across the east coast of the U.S. as well.

The main active ingredient in CBD for Life’s products seems to be CBD. Most ingredients in their products are naturally derived, and the main focus looks to be on relieving pain, stress, anxiety and inflammation through CBD. Whether adding a few other cannabinoids and getting the CBD from marijuana plants or at the very least non-industrial hemp would make their products even more effective, we can’t say for sure.

However, cannabis of all types contains oils of its own, and combining them with high-quality, fatty oils like coconut oil can help heal broken skin, stop the skin’s oil glands from overworking and prevent water from drying out and damaging the skin further. Beth and many others also use CBD for Life products with at least some if not great success for their pain management, so who are we to disagree?

5) Fresh Cannabis Rose Eau de Parfum and Santal

White musk, patchouli, oolong tea, dark chocolate and Bulgarian Rose mixed with raw cannabis, and then distilled down into a bottle of perfume? Sounds absolutely divine! The santal is a mixture of fruits, magnolia, chocolate and vanilla musk, and is a woodsier counterpart to the more floral parfum. Although the santal is marketed towards men, it’s not hard to see (or should we say “smell”) women wearing it as well, thanks to its scent profile.

Whether different fragrances smell different on men than it does women is up for debate, although women’s more acidic skin may have an impact upon how a certain fragrance smells. The differences were small, however, and it could easily be said that some men may have slightly more acidic skin, whereas some women have slightly less acidic skin. So, whether man or woman, feel free to splash either one of these scents on and see which one works best for you!

Remember: anything that makes outlandish health, beauty and/or wellness claims is not necessarily to be trusted. Go with companies that state their intentions and evidence as honestly as possible! This way, you’ll get the best cannabis-based beauty and wellness products, and you won’t be pouring your money down a drain! Also, please don’t take this as a definitive guide, but a series of suggestions. Different products work better for different people. If you find one that works especially well for you and not on this list, tell us about it. Wellness products still count towards your health and although you may not have an MMJ card, it’s worth speaking to a doctor about your condition.




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