Top 5 Cannabis Youtubers You Should Follow

For better or for worse, Youtube and video streaming websites are where celebrity is made nowadays. Some of our older readers may remember a time when people getting their 15 minutes of fame was less of a common occurrence. However, this easily created and accessed content means that getting helpful, entertaining and interesting information about medical marijuana from the comfort of your keyboard is easier than ever.

Now, this has created a double-edged sword, with some great quality videos not being seen enough and lots of fluffy content to fight through. However, there are some fantastic, very informative and very entertaining cannabis-related Youtubers (“Cannatubers” or “Weedtubers”) out there. Here are five of our favorites …

1. Smokers Guide 


Granted, Smokers Guide is not one particular Youtuber, but rather a group of cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs who have travelled the world and helped spread the word about marijuana’s potential as a medicine. We’ve also had the honor of having Bobby West (aka Uncle Stoner) and Dr. Green Ramp on Elevate the Conversation as well! One of the main reasons why the channel is so good is because they cover such a wide range of topics, and have talked to many of the major players in the move towards legalization in the US and beyond.

2. Green House Seed Co. 

Now, the Green House Seeds channel is good, but the real interest for anyone looking at cannabis from a medical and scientific point of view (although social and economic issues are also explored) is the related sub-channel “Strain Hunters”. This channel shows Arjan Roskam, Franco Loja (R.I.P.) and Simon on various expeditions around the world in order to find original, landrace genetics – genetics that may otherwise be lost due to hybridization and environmental changes.

One of the greatest things about Strain Hunters is the bravery that went into making it. Arjan and co. aren’t just lugging around lots of equipment on journeys into the middle of nowhere – they’re doing it in some of the most dangerous and war- and/or crime- torn places in the world. Moreover, they’re studying a plant that’s illegal in many countries, which adds to the danger. A testament to the producers’ bravery comes in the form of Franco Loja, who died of malaria whilst looking for a particular strain of cannabis that could potentially cure it when on an expedition in the Congo.

3. Jane Dro 

Jane Dro fills a special place on this list, as she not only does great, in-depth product reviews, but talks about cannabis from a medical perspective as well. She also posts content that’s practically-minded, like “How To Grow Weed Indoors”, which is something all medical marijuana patients ought to consider doing. A good mixture of the fun and useful makes Jane stand out from the crowd. She has quite the lovely catchphrase as well, with “Stay High, Stay Happy, Stay Healthy.”

4. Tokin Daily aka tokinGLX 

Paul Tokin is probably one of the most popular Weedtubers out there, and has even inspired the likes of TGA Subcool to make his own channel. Tokin has been making weed-related videos for seven years now, and he puts a new video up everyday, making his channel a great document to the life of an everyday stoner. He also seems to live quite the idyllic life in Hawaii, making videos about hammocks and island hopping! (It’s a tough old life, eh?)

5. Haley 420

Haley is one of the original “Weedtubers”, and probably still one of the best ones. She pretty much shows us some of the basics, like how to make weed brownies and rosin (dabs), as well as why you probably shouldn’t take huge dab hits all in one go. Perhaps unsurprisingly considering her job, she also seems quite happy and giggly most of the time, which makes listening to her that little bit nicer.

As is to be expected when trying to come up with a list of just five channels, there’s going to be some we’re going to miss out. Please tell us of any you like in particular. Also, would it be a bit arrogant of us to put our own Elevate the Conversation on the list as an unofficial sixth? Yes, it would be, which is why we’re going to do it!

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