Water Soluble CBD: A Breakthrough in CBD Oil Bioavailability

CBD oil is something that has taken the health food and nutrition market by storm. Hemp-derived CBD oil has become very popular as a recovery aid for sports people, a form of pain relief, and a general ‘cure all’ supplement.

One issue with CBD oil is that it doesn’t always taste great, and this means that some people struggle to find ways to take it. Oil and water don’t usually mix well (cannabinoids are hydrophobic), so CBD manufacturers have to find different ways of packaging the product to make it suitable for people to take; whether that’s tinctures, capsules, gummies, or other methods that may offer better bioavailability.

How the Body Processes CBD

When you’re choosing CBD oil, one of the things that you need to consider is how well the body can process it. There’s an effect known as the first-pass metabolism, which takes into account how the concentration of a compound is reduced when it passes through the digestive system and into the bloodstream. This reduction in concentration can make the compound less effective.

CBD that is oil-based is difficult for the body to absorb. This means that if you’re taking CBD oil or CBD capsules that contain oil, then you are not necessarily getting the most out of your CBD (although this doesn’t mean that oil-based CBD isn’t useful for a variety of ailments). Even if the oil is highly concentrated, there’s a decent chance that a lot of it is wasted when you take it. Absorption rates can be as low as one-quarter of the dose for oil-based CBD.

Endoca RAW full spectrum CBD hemp oil capsules.
Endoca RAW hemp oil capsules.

Interestingly, traditional pharmaceuticals have the answer. The pharmaceutical industry has been struggling with the challenge of hydrophobic drugs for a long time, and they have found ways to improve the drug absorption rate of hydrophobic compounds, which can be useful for CBD oil too.

Nutrient absorption; first-pass metabolism; how the body processes drugs and food.
By Keministi. From https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nutrient_absorbtion_to_blood_and_lymph.png

Water Soluble CBD is Easier For the Body to Process

New water soluble CBD products are have much greater bioavailability and suffer less from the first pass metabolism problem. These products are easier for the body to absorb because they take oil-soluble CBD extract and convert it into something that will dissolve in water. Remember that the body is more than 50% water itself!

Water soluble CBD extract is readily taken up by the body because it has been broken down into a form that is small enough to pass through the gut and into the bloodstream, instead of going through the full digestive process and being processed in the liver. Since the CBD is dissolved in water, and is stable in that form, it is able to reach the bloodstream where it can do more good.

Water soluble CBD can be used in ways that oil-based CBD cannot. This means that if you’re not a fan of vaping or tinctures, you now have other options, including adding the product to drinks or just swallowing a drop or two as-is. You can add it to recipes, or mix it up in a smoothie. There are more choices, and that means you’ll be able to find something that you like the taste of and that you will enjoy and use regularly. Yes, you could do the same with oil, but you would be wasting time and money.

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More Supplement for Your Money

With water-based products, you’re getting a much greater percentage of the dose into your body. This matters for the effectiveness of the product and it matters for your wallet, too. Why would you spend a fortune on a CBD product that you’re only absorbing a quarter of? The first-pass metabolism effect is something that has been beaten.

CBD is a useful supplement, but it is quite expensive to get high quality, high dose products, even in oil form. When you consider how little of the oil you are absorbing it becomes even less appealing, financially. Water-based versions of the supplement are more reliable in terms of the dose that you are getting.

If you’re planning on adding CBD to your wellness or recovery routine, then it makes sense to choose a product that is flexible, reliable and highly bioavailable so that you can enjoy the full immune boosting, antioxidant and endocannabinoid-system augmenting effects. The medical community is still learning about the benefits of CBD, but it’s already widely agreed that CBD is good for you. Why not make the most of it?


Article by Joshua Gallo

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