A Look At Some CBD-Infused Products

Before we make a few recommendations, it is worth stating first-and-foremost that the best cannabidiol (CBD) edibles are generally likely to have at least some THC in them, as this helps the CBD work more effectively due to the entourage effect. We would also recommend going for CBD from cannabis oil rather than hemp oil. This is because hemp-derived CBD products may be: highly contaminated due to lax testing; extracted using butane or propane; be infused in trans fats and other additives; and is typically low in actual cannabinoid content.

Meanwhile, the CBD edibles available in high quality dispensaries and made from cannabis oil tends to: have high-quality and high amounts of actual cannabinoid content; show cannabinoid ratios; be whole plant extractions using non-toxic, supercritical CO2 methods and retaining the robust terpenoid profile; infused with high-quality oils like non-GMO coconut or MCT oil; and is labelled appropriately with all the ingredients, a batch number and a manufacturing date.

Unfortunately, some CBD edibles, even in dispensaries, are not necessarily labelled properly. Hopefully, this will change, but we’ll go through some of the best out there so far …

Critical Concentrates – CBD/THC Medicated Honey

best cbd edibles - CBD/THC Medicated Honey

This is a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio, with each standard pot of honey containing 100 mg THC to 100 mg CBD. Critical Concentrates do have a CBD-only honey as well, so if you don’t want the THC, you needn’t have it. However, in order to get the full benefits of the entourage effect, it is generally recommended to have at least some THC in whatever product you’re using, depending upon the condition you suffer from.

Critical Concentrates’ CBD/THC Medicated Honey also won 1st place on the High Times 2016 Edibles award. The honey is 100% organic and made with solvent-free cannabis oil. The product has plenty of activated cannabinoids in it, and can be used to sweeten and medicate teas, or used as a topping on pancakes or desserts. You could even use it to spread on toast for a medicated morning weekend breakfast treat! Sadly, Critical Concentrates’ website is down, but you can check out their Facebook page here.

Incredibles – Black Cherry Chocolate

CBD edibles: Incredibles - Black Cherry Chocolate

Dried cherries and milk chocolate infused with cannabis? What can go wrong here? Well, quite a bit, actually, but this chocolate bar by Incredibles is definitely one of the better offerings on the market today. Received 1st place at the 2016 Colorado High Times Cup and 1st place at the 2017 California High Times Cup. Also available in various strengths, including: 100 mg (1:1 – 50 mg THC : 50 mg CBD); 110 mg (1:10 – 10 mg THC : 100 mg CBD); 200 mg (1:1 – 100 mg THC : 100 mg CBD); and 400 mg (1:1 – 200 mg THC : 200 mg CBD).

This means you can choose the strength you want, and each piece of chocolate will have about 5 mg THC : 5 mg CBD. This means that you can quite effectively “microdose” and get to the level you want. However, we know what milk chocolate can be like, so don’t scoff it all at once! Maybe have a couple of non-medicated chocolate bars or some dried fruit to keep that sugar monster at bay and not scoff an entire bar of medicated goodies all at once! (And suffer the consequences of doing so.)

Evie’s Drops

Evie’s Drops is a 20:1 CBD:THC tincture with 1,200+ mg of CBD per bottle. Made using coconut oil, CO2-extracted CBD-rich cannabis oil and a hint of organic peppermint oil. Evie’s Drops come in a 15 ml bottle, and can be taken with a dropper. These drops were originally made for a young lady named Evie, who suffers from a rare form of childhood epilepsy. Evie went from having several hundred seizures a week to a couple a day, and is now able to live a normal life! These drops won 3rd place in the California 2017 High Times Cup CBD category.

As the CBD:THC ratio is 20:1, it is unlikely to have a psychoactive effect on most people, although some have reported a sort of “alert” feeling when taking high-CBD products. Rather, these drops can be used to help treat spasms, convulsions, tremors, mood disorders, chronic inflammation and more besides. All you have to do is place a small drop under your tongue using the dropper for about 15 seconds and then swallow. Repeat as necessary.

Papa & Barkley (P & B)- Releaf Tinctures

CDB edibles: Papa & Barkley (P & B)- Releaf Tinctures

Papa & Barkley are more well-known for their high quality topical creams, but their whole plant-infused, coconut oil-based tinctures are pretty good, too. Available in 30 ml bottles, with over 900 mg of cannabinoid content and available in 1:30 THC:CBD or 3:1 THC:CBD, P & B’s tinctures can be used to help relieve pain and inflammation. However, there’s no other flavorings in P & B tincture, so you’ll get the taste of whole-plant cannabis extract!

You can take P & B’s tinctures in the same way you would many other tinctures – by placing a small drop (the drop can be measured using the dropper, which has measurements labelled on it) under the tongue for a few seconds and then swallowing. Of course, as it’s tincture, you can put a small amount in your tea or coffee as well. We recommend starting off with small amounts and following the label’s instructions.

Om Edibles – CBD Raw Sipping Cacao

CBD edible: Om Edibles - CBD Raw Sipping Cacao

What can be better after a long week at work than a chance to settle down in front of a movie and sipping on some hot chocolate? Not much! Well, maybe we can go one better, and say, “Get some high-quality, medicated raw cacao to make your hot chocolate.” Om Edibles’ CBD Raw Sipping Cacao doesn’t have much (if any) THC in it, but unlike most CBD-only products, isn’t made using hemp. Rather, Om Edibles use organic ACDC flowers.

Combined with the antioxidants, minerals and cannabinoids found in chocolate, Om Edibles’ creation will certainly help release an array of feelgood chemicals, and makes an excellent entrance to medical marijuana. Each 4 oz. jar has 80 mg CBD, with about 10 mg CBD per tablespoon. Om Edibles recommends that you do not heat this chocolate above 115°F in order to retain and preserve the nutritional profile of this product. (Overheating chocolate tends to cause it to “split”.)

We hope the above 5 products treat you well. Whether or not these are the “best” products or not we’ll leave you to experiment and try out, although we’d like to think that the prizes and awards stand for something, and aren’t just marketing gimmicks. Of course, there are lots of great (and not-so-great) cannabis-infused edibles out there, but the lack of transparency and regulation can make it difficult to tell.

In the meantime, when looking to try a new cannabis-infused product, asking yourself “Does it label all the ingredients?”, “Has it been lab-tested? and “Do lots of others recommend this product?” could well save you from wasting your money on inferior goods.






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