Why Does CBD Help For So Many Health Problems?

The detailed answer behind this question is complex. However, the simple answer is this … All mammalian life on Earth – including humans –  has what is called an “endocannabinoid system” (ECS), which plays a fundamental role in homeostasis. That is, all of our bodies produce their own cannabinoids (especially anandamide and 2-AG), and have receptors sites that recognize these cannabinoids (CB1 and CB2 receptors).

CB1 receptor; CB2 receptor; CB receptor structure; ECS; endocannabinoid system.
Blue – CB1 receptor structure. Green – CB2 receptor structure. Author: Esculapio at it.wikipedia. CC BY-SA 3.0.

It is thought that disruption to the ECS – often called “endocannabinoid deficiency” – has a role in the development of many different health issues, from inflammation and chronic pain to epilepsy and some forms of cancer. The key to overcoming endocannabinoid deficiency, therefore, is to “top up” the body with cannabinoids from other sources, preferably natural ones, as these are the most well-tolerated by the human body.

Hemp is one of the most abundant sources of these cannabinoids – called phytocannabinoids – and when grown to a high standard is extremely well-tolerated by the human body. Getting a good product is therefore vital in ensuring that the body is getting the cannabinoids it needs. Using full spectrum hemp-derived tinctures from a trustworthy source is a relatively safe way of getting cannabidiol (CBD) and many of the other cannabinoids and terpenoids in the hemp plant. Unlike many other medications, there is almost no risk of deadly overdose when using CBD alone, and CBD does not contain the same intoxicating properties of THC.

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Elixinol have been at the forefront of the market for quite some time and were making hemp-derived CBD products before it became so well-known. Elixinol lab-test all of their products to pharmaceutical standards, use high-quality MCT oil in their capsules and tinctures, and they source the best quality hemp available to make their products. This makes Elixinol one of the better hemp-based CBD companies on the market today.

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