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We here at Doctor Frank’s are all about safe, responsible use of medical marijuana. This also means keeping your medication safe, discreet and out of plain sight wherever possible. Even those without kids and/or pets to worry about should be thinking about keeping themselves safe and secure.

This is where Stashlogix Bags come in. They are fantastic, durable bags made from hemp and come with an integrated lock. Stashlogix Bags come in three sizes: GoStash (small), EcoStash (medium) and ProStash (large). Thanks to their OdorPax technology (activated bamboo charcoal in a hemp pouch), Stashlogix bags are smell-free, too.

We here at Doctor Frank’s love the Stashlogix Bags for their simplicity and great design. Hence, we are very happy to do a special giveaway of 6 Stashlogix bags to 6 lucky winners. To enter the contest, all you have to do is go here.

Enter your name, email address, click to like and click to share. If you’re unfortunate enough to miss out on this golden opportunity, check out the Stashlogix website to buy yourself one.

Want to know more about Stashlogix and its creator, Skip Stone? Then read on, as we have interviewed him in true Doctor Frank style …

1. What were you doing before you started Stashlogix, and how does it feel now that you’re running your own business?

What seems like a lifetime ago (really less than 2 years ago) I was the VP of an industrial water treatment equipment sales company. Although I enjoyed my career, the prospect of getting into an industry I was passionate about was hard to ignore. At Stashlogix, we built our company around a culture of teamwork. Our team is awesome and I couldn’t be happier.

2. What inspired you to start Stashlogix?
Necessity is the mother of invention; basically I scratched my own itch. I discovered low-dose gummy bears in 2013 and knew these would be game-changing products that would appeal to many more people than just stoners. Micro-dosing with repeatable and familiar results was pretty revolutionary to me.

In January 2014 (the 1 st month that Colorado legalized recreational cannabis), I had an epiphany – someday people worldwide would have access to countless strains and infused products, but how would they store and organize it all and, most importantly, how would they keep it out of kids hands?

3. How did you come up with the unique design, and how did you test it?
I knew the solution needed to be portable, discreet, and simple, if the design was clunky it wouldn’t fly with this crowd. I knew that the solution had to have a built-in lock but relying on not losing a key seemed like trouble.

I tried some bank bags with combination locks, but the form function made them very hard to organize, which made for a bad user experience. The locking bag concept was right but the product needed a custom design.

The further I went down the design path, the more I realized that everything in the industry was born from repurposed products from other industries (cue the “you put your weed in it” SNL skit), but cannabis is unique. All the available jars were either opaque, so you couldn’t quickly inventory your stash, or they were deep and narrow so you would crush the beautiful flower just trying to get it out.

Since everyone has different consumption habits, the case needed to adjustable and customizable. We took the customization inspiration from camera bags and applied them to cannabis. There are still many ideas and challenges to tackle but I think we’re heading in the
right direction.

4. Have you made any bags for famous clientele?
We have private labeled some bags for various reggae artists like Julien Marley, Collie Buddz, J Boog, Gary Nesta Pines. We’ve also given our bags to Whoopi Goldberg, Montel Williams, Cheryl Shuman, Ricardo Baca, and former NFL player Eugene Monroe.

5. What’s the most precious thing you’ve stashed in your ProStash Bag?
I use the ProStash to store my coin collections in so my kids don’t get too curious. I also consider my cannabis stash to be precious, especially my Pyp Tek pipe.

6. And finally, do you use marijuana for recreational and/or medical purposes? If so, what for, and which strain(s)?
I believe that cannabis is used for personal health and wellness, in addition to helping with cancer and rare diseases. It’s healthy to de-stress and relax after a long day, it’s healthy to be more patient, to connect with nature better, to laugh more, and to enjoy music more.

Lately I’ve been into Indicas, particularly some of the Jamaican landrace strains like Lost Tribe and The TRUTH.

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