Are Women the Future of Medical Marijuana?

Put aside what you thought you knew about women and cannabis. Whilst there is a huge following for the hashtag #girlswithweed – we’re here to shine a light on a more mature marijuana market. 

From Marijuana Mom’s to female executives running canna-businesses, these ladies are revolutionising the face of MMJ and helping to shine a fresh light on the industry. We’ve been inspired by the great work these women do and wanted to shout it from the Doctor Frank rooftop. These women are going to help drive the medical marijuana revolution. After all, Mother knows best.


Women claim around 36% of executive positions in the legal weed industry, compared to around 22% in other industries (Marijuana Business Daily, 2015)

Jeanine Moss grew up in Venice, California, where consuming cannabis was commonplace. However, after moving to New York in the 80s she noticed that although many women consumed cannabis in the corporations where she worked, it was all hush-hush. It was there that she observed successful women reduced to shamefully pulling baggies and tea tins out of their Gucci purses.

After leaving her executive job role, Moss had a hip replacement. She was prescribed a cocktail of opiates. Within a week Moss had ditched the opiates and began using medical marijuana. She shortly found out many of her friends were doing the same.

After a night on the town that resulted in Moss and her friends digging through four purses for medicine, lighters, mints and perfume, she knew there had to be a better way. When Moss couldn’t find a solution she created her own – AnnaBis a line of luxury aroma-bloc handbags and accessories (the women of the Dr Frank office approve.) 

Jeanine Moss is just one of the many women tapping into the canna-business not only for herself but to improve the lives of other women working in the industry. Here are a few other canna-preneurs worth checking out: Nancy Whitman (Wana Brands), Whoopi and Maya (cannabis tampons) and Ariel Zimman (StonedWare).

Finding women in the cannabis industry is perhaps unsurprising: it’s a new, cutting-edge market, and there are reams of women with degrees in biological sciences looking for a way to apply their skills and creativity. The “old tie” network of the traditional pharmaceutical industry doesn’t have quite the same allure.

The majority of lab workers in the medical marijuana industry are also women, and women are also highly represented in other areas of the industry. Growing marijuana also has lower costs of entry than many other scientific endeavours, which require huge labs and funding. Cannabis and cannabis-infused products represent a huge opportunity for women. Female STEM graduates really ought to look into getting into the medical marijuana industry.

 Marijuana Moms 

tracy ryan medical marijuana mom

From Moms using medical marijuana to combat postnatal depression, to those protesting to make MMJ legal so they can treat their children – Mom’s are making waves in the cannabis industry. 

This week we have the pleasure of welcoming Tracy Ryan onto Elevate the Conversation, Tracy is the founder of CannaKids and Mother to Sophie. When Sophie was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 8 1/2 months old, Tracy wanted to look beyond chemo for a cure.

“I knew in my heart that there had to be more that could help her outside of Western medicine. Finding the resources I needed was an overwhelming task that took hundreds of hours of research, coupled with confusion and questions.” Tracy was right to search, she found medical marijuana and after 13 months of chemo and high doses of cannabis oil, Sophie’s brain tumor was about 85 to 90 percent gone, and a massive cyst that had formed was about 90 percent gone! 

“Because of the shrinkage we have seen from the use of cannabis oil, we have saved her vision, and the doctors at Kaiser Los Angeles are now in agreement that the cannabis oil has destroyed her tumor!”

Mom’s like Tracy speaking out about how MMJ has saved their child’s life are shining a light on the incredible properties of this plant. You can listen to Tracy on the show this Wednesday the 14th at 6pm PST on Facebook LIVE. 


medical marijuana chef

We talk about edibles a fair bit on the blog and the difficulties around them, namely controlling the dosage. However, in states where MMJ is legal, there has been a surge in cannabis-focused chefs/ caterers and even marijuana dinner parties. Many of those spearheading this movement are women. 

In a recent interview with Vice, chef Andrea Drummer commented that “people never see it coming, I guess I don’t look the part.” Sure, if the part you are looking for is a moody teenage boy or a stern drug dealer, Drummer definitely isn’t the part.  But if you are looking for someone to elevate edibles past box bought brownies with unpredictable dosages – she’s your woman. 

Drummer is a graduate of the famous Le Cordon Bleu and one of the team at Elevation VIP Cooperative, a unique medicinal marijuana dispensary specializing in premium innovative cuisine that enhances the quality of life for patients in the Los Angeles area.  She’s creating beautiful and delicious MMJ infused dishes including butterscotch pannacotta infused with BubbaKush, and fish tacos made with Blue Dream infused coconut oil. Yes, we’re salivating as well. 

These are just three areas that women are leading in the medical marijuana market. By showing a gender and age bracket not normally associated with cannabis that is leading the way, we can change the perception of MMJ and spread the good word. If this article has got you thinking of applying for a medical marijuana card get in touch! 











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