Your Chance to Win a Hemper Box!

So, who are Hemper, and why have we here at Leafwell decided to partner up? Well, as many cannabis enthusiasts know, exploring the world of cannabis can sometimes be an expensive endeavor, and we’d like to help make discovering great products more affordable. Rather than buying lots of accessories and bits and pieces separately, which can end up costing rather a lot, Hemper offer subscription boxes with the best the cannabis industry has to offer. All the products are hand-picked by people who really know and love cannabis, and you essentially get a pack of goods worth between $80 and $100 (and sometimes even more) for $29.99!

Boxes include a variety of great products, from the everyday essentials such as lighters and rolling papers to the unique and indispensable, such as glass bongs, rigs and pipes. Hemper do a variety of subscription boxes, kits and bundles, and you can choose how frequently you receive boxes from Hemper. Each Hemper box will come with some essentials and some surprise items, including a new glass piece (for which you’re often looking at spending $30 or more if bought separately).

Hemper box; Hemper kit; smoking accessories; cannabis; lighters.
A Hemper kit – you could potentially win something similar, if you click on the above!

This makes Hemper one of the best value companies around in our eyes, and can make finding your preferred ingestion method both simpler and cheaper in the long-run. We here at Leafwell like the idea of cannabis being accessible, and we think that Hemper helps with this idea so this month, we are giving three lucky winners a chance to win a box of Hemper-selected goodies!

For a chance to win $100 of the best accessories the cannabis industry has to offer enter here and don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

We announce the winner on March 20th!

ENTER TO WIN. Then, all you need to do is share the link with your friends!

Hemper; box; goodies; competition.
Enter the competition to win a Hemper Box!

Good luck!


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