How much cannabis can I possess?

In California, no patient limit is specified. Technically, a medical marijuana patient may possess “whatever amount the physician recommends”. However, we would advise you take take reasonable precautions. Some sources state that medical cannabis patients may carry up to 8 ounces on their person in the state of California, but there is little information on what is considered “reasonable” for a patient.

Do not take your cannabis over state lines. Keep your cannabis in California. If you are moving around the state of California with cannabis, keep it to reasonable amounts (e.g. 1 ounce/28.5 grams or less of dried flower or 8 g of hashish/concentrate, as per recreational laws), and preferably locked away and safely kept.

If you are carrying both concentrate and flower, then you cannot go over the equivalent possession amounts. This means you cannot carry both an ounce of dried cannabis flower and 8 g of concentrate at the same time. If you are carrying 4 g of concentrate, the maximum amount of flower you can legally carry is 14.25 g of dried cannabis flower. This applies to recreational cannabis users, and medical patients may have some leeway, but we don’t recommend tempting fate wherever possible.

Don’t use operate a vehicle or heavy machinery when under the influence of cannabis.

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