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Medical Marijuana in Portland, Maine

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“After more than a year of deliberation, Maine’s largest city joined 40 other communities to opt into the marijuana industry, but it broke ranks with the state by deciding to stand by its plan to give Mainers a leg up in the race to nab one of Portland’s 20 coveted retail marijuana licenses.


The City Council voted 8-1 to approve its proposed licensing ordinance, fee schedule and rules for cannabis businesses late Monday night, but rejected a staff recommendation to strip the residency bonus available to applicants who have lived in Maine for at least five years in the wake of the state’s decision to abandon a similar licensing preference last week.

The state Office of Marijuana Policy abandoned its four-year residency requirement for state business licenses last week after the state Attorney General’s Office decided it could not defend a legal challenge raised by Maine’s largest medical marijuana operator, Wellness Connection of Maine, which went to court to fight the requirement on constitutional grounds.


The city stood by its plan to cap the number of marijuana retail licenses at 20 and the score sheet it created to decide who will get one, giving preference to the disadvantaged, business owners, medical cannabis caregivers, those with $150,000 in the bank, and companies who pay a living wage or donate 1 percent of profits to the city for substance abuse prevention.


Under the licensing plan, the 20 highest scoring applications would land a retail license. Applicants can earn between two and six points in eight categories for a maximum of 34 total points. Some attributes count more than others. For example, someone with a track record of running a highly regulated business would get six points; those with $150,000 in the bank would get two points.”


“Jason Smith, the owner of Lisbon Cannabis Co., has seen an estimated 15% increase in sales since coronavirus reached Maine.


The store is drawing an additional three to five customers a day on average, Smith said.

‘Their anxiety and stress is up,’ he said of customers.


Chris Brunelle of BBB Pharmaceutical Alternatives said his business also has seen increased sales recently, but he declined to provide specifics.


Smith attributes the spike in sales in part to an increase in customers renewing medical marijuana cards. Smith said many of his customers had let their cards expire in anticipation of recreational marijuana stores opening this spring.”


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