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Medical Marijuana in Stamford, Connecticut

You can get medical marijuana from the following dispensary in Connecticut:


Arrow Alternative Care/CuraLeaf – Stamford
814 E Main St
Stamford, CT 06902
Phone: (203) 324-4673


CuraLeaf has acquired 3 Arrow dispensaries, and will be officially entering the Connecticut market likely later this year.


You can get a medical marijuana certificate and MMJ card wherever you are in Connecticut with Leafwell thanks to telehealth. This incudes Stamford, CT.


Medical marijuana laws in Stamford, Connecticut do not differ in any major way from any other areas in Connecticut, as far as we here at Leafwell are aware. The usual rules apply – no consumption of cannabis where children, the sick or the vulnerable are likely to congregate, or on federal land or buildings. Schools, military bases, museums, hospitals etc.


For nature lovers, there is plenty to do in Stamford. The Mianus River State Park is a great area for biking, hiking and fishing, and is a great forest to walk through. Cove Island is a well-known park and beach. The Stamford Museum and Nature Center is great for families. Bedford Street is known for its food and entertainment. Lots of great burger and Asian eateries here, from OCHA and Bedford Thai to Lucky’s Classic Burger & Malt Shop. The Avon Theater is also on this street.