Frequently asked questions

What do I need to apply for a New Hampshire medical marijuana card and MMJ recommendation?

Patient must be a resident of New Hampshire.

Patients must have valid I.D., such as a driver’s licence or another form of photographic I.D. produced by the state of New Hampshire. Out-of-state ID is not accepted.

Patients must have proof of address, such as recent (within the last 3 months) bank statements, correspondence with a state department, or a rental/mortgage agreement.

Patient must have a “provider-patient relationship” (bonafide patient relationship) of at least three (3) months (unless the 3-month requirement does not apply).

The relationship with the provider may be less than 3 months as long as the provider certified that the diagnosis of the qualifying condition occurred within the previous three (3) months and the certifying provider is primarily responsible for the care related to the qualifying medical condition.
Patient must be evaluated by a certified physician.

If an applicant is under eighteen (18) years of age, the application must include two (2) written certifications, completed by two (2) separate health care providers, one being a pediatrician.