Frequently asked questions

What documents do I need to apply for a Hawaii medical marijuana card?

Acceptable ID

Valid state ID

Valid state driver’s license

Valid passport book (cards not accepted in Hawaii)

ID must be issued by the state of Hawaii. Out-of-state patients will need proof of certification and ID from their home state.

Proof of residency

An official letter sent to you by the state

A bank statement or utility bill issued to you within the last month

A rental or mortgage agreement with your current primary address. Please note: residency is not required in order to qualify for medical marijuana in Hawaii or visiting patients, although a Hawaiian address will need to be given.

Medical records detailing the condition

This can include progress notes, medical images and a list of medications.

A written certification from a physician for a debilitating medical condition must be obtained for a minor. In addition, the physician must have explained the potential risks and benefits to both the minor and the minor’s parent or legal guardian.