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About Leafwell

Leafwell is a platform for helping patients, doctors and other healthcare professionals (as well as the plain curious) understand the science behind cannabis and its possibilities as both a medicine and a general health and wellness product. For those who live in California, we provide recommendations and medical marijuana cards for those who qualify for the state’s medical cannabis program. You can get a medical marijuana recommendation online via Leafwell using telehealth, so whether you’re at home or on the move, you can see a doctor right away and qualify for a rec and MMJ card.

If you live in another state, you may still apply for a California medical marijuana card, but the card will only be valid in California. California sadly does not have reciprocity with other states, so out-of-state patients will need to apply for a medical marijuana card separately. As for other states that recognize California medical marijuana cards, there are a few. Arizona and Montana have reciprocity, whilst Rhode Island technically respects out-of-state recommendations. Maine, meanwhile, allows out-of-state patients to exercise their medical cannabis rights for up to 30 days. Oregon has some similarities with California’s medical marijuana program, in that out-of-state patients can apply for a MMJ card. However, it must be remembered that having an out-of-state medical marijuana card does not mean you can visit a dispensary in another state, even if that state has reciprocity laws. In some states such as Maine, you may fill out a Visting Qualifying Patient Form, or Reciprocity Form should you wish to enter a dispensary.

So, why does Leafwell exist, and what is our purpose? Leafwell exists because there is a serious dearth of well-written, easy-to-understand, serious scientific information on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the potential of cannabis, cannabinoids and terpenoids as medicine – for both patients and doctors. Much of the media sensationalizes the effects of cannabis, whether positive or negative, and this site hopes to clear up any misinformation.

Leafwell’s other, perhaps bigger purpose is to give access to medical information on cannabis around the world. We have been working to get cannabis seen as medicine in the UK (with successful results), and we hope to carry on this work wherever possible. Leafwell is connected to some of the leading voices in cannabis and cannabinoid research, and is dedicated to getting as accurate, up-to-date information as possible to patients, their caregivers, doctors, and other medical, healthcare and science professionals.

If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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