3 Reasons Why You Need a Medical Marijuana Card

I can hear you saying it right now. “Wait doc. Cannabis is going to be legal for recreational use soon. I don’t need to tell the government about what I decide to put in my body.” Whilst I am sympathetic to this argument, I will say that you are doing yourself a huge disservice by not getting yourself a medical marijuana card (MMC). This is a double disservice if you are suffering from a condition that merits a MMC but you aren’t applying for one.

Here are the three big, simple reasons why you ought to apply for a MMC, even if you don’t believe you need one.

1. The Taxes

Medical marijuana will not be taxed as heavily as recreational marijuana. Plus, medical patients often get better deals and offers from dispensaries. You will see dramatic savings by going down the medical marijuana route rather than hoping the price of ‘recreational’ cannabis goes down.

2. Don’t Make Yourself a Target for Arrest

Having a MMC affords you at least some protection from prosecution. As Trump and Sessions seem to have a bit of a vendetta against ‘recreational’ cannabis users, don’t expect the laws and policy maker’s stance on cannabis to soften too much, even in states where recreational use is legalized.

Whilst cannabis is illegal federally, those without a medical card and license to grow marijuana are laying themselves wide open for prosecution. Police departments won’t let up on making easy arrests wherever they can. Don’t become another statistic.

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3. The Quality

As the recreational market becomes bigger and bigger and the profits increase, expect there to be a ‘McDonaldization’ of cannabis. This means cannabis grown in factory-like conditions, with yield and potency being the main focus of production. This also means that the ‘recreational’ market will likely not be grown to the same standard as medical marijuana, and neither will it have the stringent tests associated with medical marijuana. Should you want to avoid nasty pesticides and other chemicals, getting a MMC is a shortcut to better quality bud.

There is one area, however, where cannabis for the ‘recreational’ market may stream ahead: that of outdoor, organically-grown cannabis. You see, whilst cannabis grown outdoors as naturally as possible is arguably better, it is also more prone to getting infected with all sorts of pathogens. Mould, bacteria, dust, hair … You name it, and it can get stuck to the bud.

Medical marijuana needs controlled conditions in order to prevent infections like these. However, if ‘recreational’ users vote with their wallets and stick to only using high-quality, organically-grown cannabis, the market will listen and they will ensure high-quality meds for everyone. I feel that outdoor grows are essential to understanding cannabis as a medicine, and we need to prevent any attempt to shut this area of growing down.

Now, you may think you’re a completely healthy person, not suffering from any condition that cannabis would be useful for. All you want to do is use cannabis freely and without the fear of getting arrested.

However, I know that many cannabis users may be medicating for underlying conditions they didn’t even know they had. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), depression, anxiety and even cancer often go undiagnosed as people are sometimes too afraid, too proud or too embarrassed to talk about their health issues.

Getting checked up and being honest about your health concerns with your doctor means you are not only more likely to get a MMC, but a healthier life in general. Even if you’re fighting fit, completely healthy and not at all in need of a medical marijuana rec , at least you know you don’t need it. This is surely worth the minor costs, as well as making the seemingly inconvenient actually completely convenient. So book your appointment today and finally get the answers you need.


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