5 Date Ideas for Cannabis Couples

Emily Fisher
Emily Fisher - CEO

Jul 26 2017 - 3 min read

In this rough-and-tumble world of medical marijuana, where government corruption, ill-informed science and propaganda is rife, it is easy to forget about the important things in life. Like good food, nice buds and, of course, romance!

1. Take a Cannabis cooking class

cannabis cooking class
image: Kush tourism

If food be the music of love, then gorge on. Or something like that. Edibles are a bigger thing than ever nowadays, and learning how to make your favorite dishes with the proper cannabis dosage is essential to getting the most out of your MMJ, especially as the effects of edibles can be so overwhelming. Plus, cooking is a valuable skill, and showing your date your kitchen flair may well get them from your kitchen into your boudoir! After all, cooking is a great mix of methodical science and artistic creativity, giving you the chance to show off both sides of your brain! The act of learning together and applying your skills – perhaps in a duo or teamwork setting – also gives you the chance to bond and get closer to one another.

2. Get baking, whilst baked

We’re sure that there are plenty of stoner couples who do this everyday anyway, so whether it counts as “dating” is a point of debate. Technically, almost any romantic social interaction between two people could be considered a date, which makes things complex and confusing. That “is this a date?” question will probably never be answered in our lifetimes, but if you’re already cooking and getting stoned together, it may well lead to gentle petting, hair stroking and hand-holding! What’s more exciting than that?!

3. An Elegant High Tea?

cannabis high tea
Event: White Rabbit High Tea

There are a number of places doing “high” teas in California and beyond, providing cannabis-laced cakes and tincture-infused teas for its patrons. Though these are marketed towards women – and traditionally high tea tends to be attended by women – there is not usually any rule stating women only, unless the event states so. (High teas were and are often organized and attended by men in the past and present as well, even if they’re in the minority.)

High teas can be quite social affairs, and you may well find yourself in a group talking (politely) to one another, so you may lose the attention of your date unless you’ve booked a table for two. However, man or woman, boy or girl, it can be fun chin-wagging with the ladies in a female-centric environment. Quite a bit different to a date at a dispensary, and maybe not the ideal first date, but definitely a good place to rub shoulders with some “high class” stoners! (Please note: there’s no such thing as a “high-class stoner” in the cannabis community, as they’re generally all high-class – there’s no distinctions in this world, baby, and long may it remain that way!)

4. A Museum, Planetarium or Aquarium – Or All Three!

Cannabis users tend to be curious beings, and some of them are pretty much outright nerds. This means taking them to places where they can learn stuff, see pretty patterns and philosophise about the nature of the universe. As Jackie Treehorn would say to the Dude in The Big Lebowski: “People forget that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone.” In fact, if you have a person getting stoned with you, taking you to cool places and quoting Coen Brothers films at you, you might just well have found yourself a keeper!

5. A Weekend Away

Quite simple, really. Find a place with lots of nice natural scenery, book a hotel or nice home to stay in, and spend a nice, romantic weekend together where you get to do all the above on your own time!

Well, hopefully that’s given you a little inspiration for a romantic weekend or weeknight treat with that someone special. Of course all of these dates would be just as lovely without marijuana but if you’re both patients, or share a love for this plant why not share that experience?





Written by
Emily Fisher
Emily Fisher - CEO

Emily is an entrepreneur and medical cannabis patient. In 2016 she began working with medical clinics in California and met with hundreds of patients who used cannabis to help them in their daily lives. Fascinated by its effectiveness and versatility as a medicine, she realized more research and education was needed to help patients. In 2019, Emily founded Leafwell, which aims to improve patient access to medical cannabis.

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