5 Things You Should Know About Cannabis & Exercise

Eddie Bravo, Ross Rebagliati, Bill Walton … The list of awesome athletes who use medical marijuana or recreational goes on. The stereotypical image of a lazy stoner lying around in their underwear, snacking on junk food and watching television seems a bit ridiculous when looking at athletes like the ones we’ve mentioned here and in other articles.

Here are a few reasons why cannabis could be the athlete’s medication of choice in the future, and why even some of the best are using it today…

1. The THC

Cannabis and exercise

Many might remember the scene in American Beauty, where Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) uses cannabis and hits the weights. There are also various triathletes who use THC-laden snacks to go on long-distance runs, swims and cycles. Why? The psychoactivity of THC helps keep focus and prevents unnecessary distractions. Therefore, it should be no surprise that athletes who prefer to use cannabis before their workouts might prefer high-THC sativas (Lester Burnham likes G-13 Haze).

THC also works on the same cannabinoid receptors that the endocannabinoid anandamide works on. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for “runner’s high” – the blissful, euphoric feeling a person gets after exercise. For athletes who like to use THC to complement their workouts, this “rewarding” of the brain may not only keep the body focussed on exercising, but also fight through the “burn” and carry on going due to any pain being minimized.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Purposes

One of the most interesting moments of MMA history was seeing Nate Diaz pulling on a vape pen filled with CBD oil. Nate uses CBD oil to beat pain and inflammation. Many NFL players and other high-contact sporting participants also use CBD in various forms (e.g. topical creams) for the same purpose, and it’s not hard to see why. CBD oil is far less addictive and performance-affecting than the painkillers athletes might be prescribed and, for athletes who need an effective painkiller that doesn’t cloud the mind, it could just well be the answer they’re looking for.

3.The Relaxation

Some would argue that using cannabis can deplete testosterone and therefore prevent the development of muscle mass. The other side argues that using cannabis can help relax the muscles, and therefore improve muscle building due to the fact that the body builds muscle when it is relaxed. On top of this, the testosterone-reducing effects of cannabis can be reversed in a day and having a diet that includes plenty of vitamins and minerals like zinc. For most people who train consistently, the testosterone-depleting side-effects of cannabis can be mitigated by a well-planned, decent diet.

4. Brain Damage

Brain damage is a massive problem in the world of boxing and American football. Unsurprisingly, taking repetitive blows on the head from hundreds of pounds of muscle takes its toll on the brain. CBD, which could be a neuroprotectant, might just well prevent high-contact sportsmen and women from developing long-term, debilitating neurological problems like Alzheimer’s disease.

5. The Different Ingestion Methods

Anyone wanting their lungs to be at full capacity may want to avoid smoking anything. However, times have moved on, and we no longer need to smoke cannabis. Vaporizing and eating cannabis will not affect lung capacity in any known way, whilst still being legitimate ways of getting vital stress-busting cannabinoids into the body. No longer is the method of ingestion so much of a concern, and those wanting an immediate effect no longer have to smoke cannabis to do so.

Do you use cannabis to help you exercise? If so, please tell us about it and how cannabis helps you, or get in touch to receive your MMJ card online today! 


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