How Do I Use Edibles Safely?

We’ve often talked about edibles and how they are not necessarily the best way for a novice or beginner to use marijuana. This is because eating marijuana causes significantly stronger effects in smaller doses, and controlling dosage when eating is far more difficult than when vaping. The effects of edibles also usually take longer to kick in, as well – about 45 mins – 1 hour.

However, edibles provide certain distinct advantages as well, including:

  • Duration – for those suffering from extreme pain, edibles might well prove to be more useful as the effects last longer.
  • Saving money – smaller amounts are needed for marijuana to be effective when ingesting it. Though vaping is also quite efficient, bongs and pipes use lots of marijuana, whilst dabbing can be very expensive and increase tolerance rapidly.
  • Significantly different effects – baking your favourite strain will produce quite different effects than when vaping them, which may be something you’re looking for!
  • Not everyone tolerates smoking, vaping, bong or pipe hits well, and edibles might be the best way for them.

Here are a few ways of ensuring you get the best out edibles as safely as possible …
Start Small, Start Slow

A simple yet often forgotten piece of advice. Everyone has a different endocannabinoid system (ECS), and edibles can easily kick this system into over (or under) drive. I have even seen long-time users have their asses kicked by edibles.

The best way to avoid a bad experience is by using edibles with a low amount of THC in them, with CBD in equal or higher amounts. Eating your medicated  cake, brownie, muffin, chocolate bar in small pieces over a long period of time will also prove to be of massive help. The entire brownie needn’t be eaten all at once! Split the brownie up into quarters (or even smaller pieces, particularly if it has a high amount of THC in it), and eat it over several hours to see what effect it has on you. You will likely find the effects to be more pleasant and tolerable this way! Although CBD is not necessarily as psychoactive as THC, it may still be worth taking CBD-only edibles in small amounts to gauge its therapeutic potential, as well as to see if it makes you feel uncomfortable or cross-reacts with any of your other medications.

Make Your Own Instead!

Granted, when you’re buying edibles, it could be said that the amounts of THC and other cannabinoids are carefully measured and labelled on the packaging. However, this is a simplification at best, and there have been lots of stories of mislabelled mass produced edibles. In fact, most edibles on the market are not labelled properly in terms of their cannabinoid profiles. This could prove to be a big problem for those who need precise dosages and have other medications to worry about.

The best way to avoid using an improperly-measured edible is by using a small amount of marijuana flower and making your own oil or butter instead. Granted, manufacturers who test their products in a lab are more likely to have a standardized product, but making your own can give you a sense of control you might not otherwise find. Yes, there are some great, thoroughly-tested products out there, but for now it’s a market that’s not properly regulated. Also, many medicated edibles out there tend to be made into sweets. By making your own, you can experiment putting your homemade medicated oil and/or butter into a few more savoury dishes, like spicy roasted cauliflower, pizza sauce, pesto or even chilli!

As for whether you should use flower or concentrate in your cooking, that is up to you. However, flowers may have less overwhelming effects as they tend not to have as much THC in them as most concentrates. Many concentrates may also lose their terpenes during the process of making them, which could be an added disadvantage.

Use Tinctures Instead

Tinctures can have many of the same effects as edibles, but in much more controllable doses. This is because you are using small drops, as opposed to ingesting an edible which may have uneven amounts of marijuana in them (i.e. one part of the brownie could be stronger than another part).

Use Your Vaped Bud!

Vaping is the most efficient way to extract the cannabinoids you want. However, there are still some of the cannabinoids you want left in the bud. You can use these remains to make oils/butter/tinctures and get the most out of your plant! Moreover, as you know much of the THC will be vaped, the effects won’t necessarily be as overwhelming. You’re effectively getting the best of both worlds using this method, as well as doubling up the potential of your flowers.

We hope the above proves useful to you. Remember, if you respect the possibilities of medical marijuana, it will treat you better!

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