Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune diseases are diseases where the your immune system attacks your own body. Usually, the immune system recognizes the difference between foreign invaders (pathogens such as bacteria and viruses), but in the case of autoimmune disorders, they do not. Approximately 8% of Americans have an autoimmune disorder.

There are conditions that can either be autoimmune or not. These include multiple sclerosis (MS) and arthritis, which have both autoimmune and non-autoimmune types. Irritable bowel disorders such as Crohn’s and coeliac disease are autoimmune disorders. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder, as is Lupus. Vitiligo is another autoimmune disorder.

Both genetic and environmental factors have a part to play in autoimmune disorders, although it does seem that there are certain commonalities between them. For example, an abnormality in the same gene can potentially cause either Crohn’s or type 1 diabetes. Sometimes, suffering from one autoimmune condition can increase the likelihood of developing another.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a huge role in inflammatory responses and immune system regulation. Phytocannabinoids may be of immense use for many different types of autoimmune condition and help prevent the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

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