Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea is another condition that is more often a symptom of another underlying problem than an issue in-and-of itself (although a condition called cyclic vomiting syndrome, or CVS, does exist). Headaches and migraines can cause nausea, as can various drugs and medications, treatments such as chemotherapy, fainting & dizziness, exposure to heat, stomach infections such as noro virus, low blood sugar, motion sickness or any loss of balance resulting from disturbance of the inner ear, depression, anxiety, or seeing, smelling and/or tasting something particularly vile may cause nausea. There are likely to be many other triggers as well.

Dopamine (D2) receptors, serotonin (5HT3) receptors, neurokinin receptors (NK1), antihistamine, acetylecholine and TRPV1 (vanilloid) receptors all play a role in causing the sensation of nausea. Medications used to ease nausea and vomiting are referred to as “antiemetics”.

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