Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Pre-menstrual symptom (PMS) is a common condition that affects around 1 in 20 women. Symptoms include bloating, fatigue, irritability, cramps, back pain, headaches and nausea. Usually, the most common treatments prescribed include an iron-rich diet, exercise, ibuprofen and, on occasion, antidepressants. However, having to use NSAIDs like ibuprofen regularly can wreak havoc with a person’s kidneys and digestive system. There is a need for a a well-tolerated, natural medication that can help treat the various aspects of PMS, and cannabis could be one of them. THC can potentially help beat nausea and cramps, whilst CBD may help regulate the mood. Both cannabinoids can help beat inflammation. Check out the positives and negatives below and if you’d like to speak to Leafwell about your condition and getting a medical marijuana card, get in touch!

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